Banksy Pranksy

Banksy set up a stall on the edge of Central Park selling 100% authentic original signed canvases, for $60 each. Would you have bought one? [Ugh. Punching myself in the face that I wasn’t there to even consider it.] That said, I think the results of this little prank/experiment/performance art piece may have been considerably … Continue reading Banksy Pranksy

banksystreetart: This photo went viral recently and is acclaimed to be Banksy. However, there is very little proof that it’s actually him and we didn’t seen it confirmed anywhere. What do you reckon? Fake or not fake? Continue reading

The people who run our cities don’t understand graffiti because they think nothing has the right to exist unless it makes a profit…The people who truly DEFACE our neighborhoods are the companies that scrawl giant slogans across buildings and buses trying to make us feel inadequate unless we buy their stuff… BANKSY (via cynthiaangel) Continue reading